We provide a long code service, where we use a 10 digit telephone number as the identifier. We do not use a short code identifier consistent of only alphabetics.

Yes you can cancel your account at any time.

Yes you definitely can, but only for large volume purchases and long term usage. Please contact us for more information.

No, it will be paused until you buy more credits.

Yes, you can select it under the MMS tab instead of the SMS tab.

Yes, you can contact our customer service department to help you.

Yes it is located under 'Utilities" under "View Invoices".

No, we will supply a couple of different numbers for you to select from. This will also become your account number.

No you can buy as many credits as you want. When your credits expire, you can purchase more.

Yes we provide a full report. One for individual texts’ sent and one for group text messages sent.

Yes you can merge data from your list into your text message body.

Yes scheduling is possible on simultaneous campaigns.

The system Maintains Do Not Call automatically. The recipient just needs to reply with "stop" , and the number will be added into the do not call list.

Yes, for example to download the Do Not Call messages, Click “SMS” and then “export Messages” and then click on “Export Do Not Call List” tab then click on Export DNC (Do Not Call).

Yes, click on the campaign type. Example: SMS click “Log Report” and find the campaign you want to download, and click the magnifying glass for the campaign. A popup window displays some statistics, you can view the report by clicking view report or download by clicking download report button.

Yes, click on the SMS tab or the MMS tab, then click on the Inbox tab. In the General SMS/MMS reply tab a list of responses will be displayed. You can reply to a phone number by clicking reply under Action. Then a 1 to 1 chat window will be displayed where you can have a conversation with the recipient.

Yes, Click on SMS/MMS, then click “Export Messages”, then click “Export Received SMS/MMS Messages” then Click on the “Export SMS” button to download.

Yes, you can create sub user accounts. Sub user accounts are identical to the master account user, only they share the same long code telephone number. Also the Sub user account cannot purchase credits on their own, they must be purchased and transferred to them by the master account holder.

Yes, Click Tool box, then manage contacts. In order to store a list you must first create a group by clicking on Manage Groups, type a group name in the text box and click on create new group button. Then go to Upload CSV/Excel to upload the list into the said group. Before uploading please ensure the list is formatted as follows: Name, Phone Number, Email. Next select the list to be uploaded and select the group to store it in. Click Upload CSV/Excel to begin uploading the list.

Yes, click on Toolbox->Manage Contacts->View/Edit Contact, Here you will get a list of all your store numbers. You can edit or remove a number from the list.

A Text Merge is a personalized SMS. For example: Hello (FirstName) (LastName), our records show you purchased (products) Ipads.

Each message will cost 3 cents or 1 credit per 160 character message, including the opt-out message. If the message is above 160 characters you will be charged 1 credit (3 Cents). For example if your message is 300 characters long, you will be charged 2 credits per message. For MMS messages you will be charged 2 credits (6 cents) including opt-out messages per 160 characters, and 2 credits(6 cents) for each additional 160 characters.

Yes, each incoming message is charged 1 credit (3 cents) per message/160 characters. This includes optout/removal messages.

Yes, when you send to a group, you can create a keyword by clicking toolbox -> Keyword & auto Responder -> Setup keyword. Type the keyword to be used in the keyword text box, select whether the keyword will be an SMS or MMS. Select the group (list name) and the keyword that will be used. Then type a simple description regarding the keyword or campaign. Click “Create New” button to create the keyword. Next set up the SMS/MMS job, click yes on the “use keyword” option buttons. An option for Select Keyword will be displayed, then you can select the keyword you just created to be used within the campaign.