You are allotted 160 characters per credit. If your text message goes over 160 credits, it will charge you 2 credits per message sent.

You are only able to schedule campaigns up to 6 days in advance. This is because your options are only to book Monday to Sunday. So if you want to book for Thursday, the campaign will start on the upcoming Thursday only.

Whether CSV or excel, your contact list must be filled out in the exact format shown below:

CSV or Excel

There should be no other extra fields in your file or the contact list will not load.

Extra fields in your file

You can see if the message went through by checking the “Sent Report” tab. Once in the sent report, click the magnifying glass with the plus sign for the specific job.

SMS Messages

Click on the orange tab at the top of the page entitled “Account Settings”.

A drop down menu of blue tabs will appear underneath. Click the tab entitled “Profile”.

At the bottom of the profile page, click the button entitled “Cancel Account”.

Cancel Account

No. As long as you have cancelled your account before your next payment is due, then you will owe nothing once you have cancelled your account.

No. You can only use Visa or Mastercard.

The contacts info and file will not be removed from your contact list or groups unless you do so. However, if a contact has texted “stop”, even if you do continue to send messages, the texts will not go through. They will show up as “failed” on the send report.

You are allowed only one VMN number per account. This protects you from sending messages to contact’s who have already opted out of further messages.